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We analyze residential and commercial energy consumption to provide Innovative energy solutions. EverTech formulate systems to reduce energy spending. From utility scale solar power plants to home PV systems, EverTech cater to your needs. We also provide future-proof EV charging solutions bringing power and convenience to home, offices, and retail centers.

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About EverTech Co.

Established in 2021, EverTech Co. LLC is specialized in Solar Solutions, energy. The company has established itself as an innovative leader in the field of solar PV energy by partnering with experts in associated fields. As a result, EverTech offers effective, smart infrastructure that intelligently connects energy systems, industries, and buildings, allowing businesses and individuals to adapt and evolve with modern modes of life and work. Working side-by-side with our clients and partners, our energy ecosystems intuitively respond to people’s needs, helping our customers use their resources more effectively and promoting sustainable development.

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Solar Energy Solutions

Quick & Easy Installations That Provide Long-Lasting Savings. BE PART OF SHAMS DUBAI TODAY!

  • Reduce your electricity bill up to 50-80%
  • Benefit from extra income from selling power to the grid
  • Protect yourself from the rising power cost and enjoy 25 years of free unlimited clean power
  • Increase your property value by 3-5%
  • Leverage Your Company Eco-friendly Initiatives & Reduce your carbon footprint
  • No maintenance required, only cleaning

For My Home

EverTech On Grid Solar Power System packages are offered depending on your monthly electric consumption load. 10KW, 20KW & 30 KW options available with a payback period of 5 to 7 years. All systems contain:
⦁ PV Panels
⦁ Inverter
⦁ Roof Top Mounting Brackets
⦁ Cabling and Breakers

System Advantages:

⦁ Sustainable Energy Usage
⦁ Low investment
⦁ Fast installation and easy maintenance
⦁ Continues income
⦁ Long Term Warranty
⦁ Internet cloud based 24/7 Monitoring

For My Business

EverTech Water Pumps Solar Power System packages are offered depending on your load. 10KW to 150 KW options available. The entire system can be used as independent power supply or Solar / Diesel Hybird system solutions are available as well. All systems contain:
⦁ PV Panels
⦁ Pump controller Inverter
⦁ Ground Mounting Brackets
⦁ Connectors, Combiner boxes, Cabling and Breakers

System Advantages:

⦁ Independent power supply, not restricted by the power grid
⦁ The system is cost-effective with low investment
⦁ Easy and quick installation
⦁ Simple maintenance and lower operating cost
⦁ Flexible customization

For Remote Sites

This system consists of solar panels, inverter, batteries, mounting system and connection wires.

It is the best solar system in caravans, camps, street lighting, water pumps for irrigation systems, rest houses, and places far from the electrical grid, such as deserts, mountains, and remote areas far from the main network lines. Full reliance on the solar system to provide all electricity needs

Free Consultation

Let us know your energy requirements and monthly consumption so we can estimate your savings and rate of return. Our experienced engineering team evaluates your site and available space for Solar Energy equipment lay out. At this stage a Quotation with the most efficient and cost-effective option is submitted.

We take care of it all

  • Permits and paperwork
  • Detailed Design
  • Installation
  • Power Generation

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EV Charging

EverTech experienced experts and technicians are ready to assess your EV Charging Station needs today and provide you with a turnkey solution that is simple yet comprehensive. We sell, install, service and maintain charging stations at commercial and government facilities EverTech has relationships with leading EV Charging Station manufacturers to provide you with the best solution. During the installation process our engineers can help design the project, calculate ROI for commercial installations, and actively manage the project. Then, our comprehensive maintenance program can ensure your EV Charging Station constantly operates safely and reliably for years to come.

We Supply & installation of Home Chargers, Public Chargers and Fast Chargers. All supported by a Cloud Based Charge Point Management System (CPMS) and Payment Management and Billing systems

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